COVID 19 Testing

Lititz Apothecary is a CLIA- Waived Laboratory resisted with the PA Dept Of Health. We are currently offering Covid‑19 testing.

Destination Entry Requirements

Disclaimer: For the most up to date entry requirements check the country you are planning to visit/transit’s government website for information and updates. Verify with the Country you are traveling to and or airline with whom you are flying.

A hand holding a cotton swab


  • Patients with one or more COVID-19 symptoms, with onset within the last five days.
  • Domestic Travel (accepted by most major airlines)
  • Results within 30-60 minutes via EMAIL.
  • NOTE: There is no minimum age to get tested (for infants/children, a parent may perform the nasal swab).
A tube and swab

COST: $65 (discounted from $84 for prepayment online)


Gold stand of testing with 99.98% accuracy

  • International travel
  • No doctor’s referral
  • RT-PCR tests are recommended and used by the CDC themselves
  • Results within 1-3 hours via EMAIL
A clock, vial, and test result device

COST: $155 (discounted from $189 for prepayment online)


Test indicates a person has antibodies for COVID-19 as a result of past infection or vaccination.

  • Results within 20-30 minutes via EMAIL

COST: $39 (discounted from $60)

animated hands holdin a test and vial